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Outdoor Activities Kit with Adventure Cards and more!


For our International buyers- this product does NOT contain seeds as they are not able to ship outside of the US. Instead you’ll receive a container of bubble mixture 🙂

Want to get items for more than one kiddo? Add in as much “extra gear” as you’d like! Just enter the number you’d like.

Outdoor play contributes to children’s healthy development by diversifying their play experience. It’s also really, really fun! The Addie & George Adventurer’s Kit inspires a daily connection to nature and fosters opportunities for outdoor fun. Children spin, run, dance, hunt, and more after shuffling a 13-card deck of illustrated play prompts. Our story-starters card contains 512 (!) possible “Once upon a times”. Bold, confident Addie and industriously cute Ace the Beagle are plushie best friends eager to tag along on your child’s next outdoor adventure. Quiet forest, soothing ocean, and sunny stretches of landscape not included.

Base Adventurer Kit Contains (without extras chosen below):

* Snuggable Ace or Addie Doll (your choice will determine which card set you get)***
* Colorfully illustrated deck of Adventurer’s cards in a collectible tin box
* A note book for accounts of intrepid adventures and fun doodles too!
* Bubble mixture for hours of fun chasing bubbles!

If ordering personalized items, the kit will ship in 1-2 weeks.

***Cards are written from the perspective of the character you choose

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