The Stolen Prince- Story Kit- Unique Gift for Kids

An Immersive Story and Dress Up Experience


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“The Stolen Prince” is a fantastical journey for your little. Part story, part dress up, our kits will take your child into the story through various dress up items and activities.

In “The Stolen Prince” your child will travel through various landscapes, creating a map (to make sure he can find his way home), until they reach the witch’s home to rescue her brother. Each journey begins with a background story and includes a number of “StoryMovers” that will guide your child to ‘the end’ of the story. Some include choices to make, or new friends to meet. Younger child will delight in working with the “Storyteller” (an adult or sibling) who can help them read or make choices if needed, or even become a part of the story themselves if desired.

Your royal sibling has been captured by an evil witch. You must discover your magical powers and make your way to Mareth the witch’s hut deep in the heart of the Whispering Woods to rescue him! The journey will be long as you have to pass through the Mountains of Rain, the Swamp of Stench, and the forest before reaching the witch’s home.

This kit includes:
~A Custom Handmade Hooded Cloak ~ $30 value
~a Handcraft Lace Golden Crown ~ $10
~1 unfinished map (for your child to finish as they journey), wooden box and pencil $5 value
~1 Ribbon Wand, $5 value
~”The Stolen Prince” story cards, StoryMovers and a plot twist ~ $20 value
~A cotton drawstring backpack for adventuring ~$5 value

Hours of imaginative fun (and not having to find all these goodies yourself?)- Priceless!

Out of stock

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