Anne of Green Gables Art Print – Quotes Nursery Decor

Raspberry Cordial after Apple Picking, Kids Wall Decor


Anne of Green Gables Nursery Art Print ~ Wall Decor in which Addie as Anne, Bunny (playing the role of Marilla) and Miss Kitty as Diana have found a comfy spot to enjoy afternoon tea with Marilla’s famous Raspberry Cordial.  “Here you go, Diana,” Anne poured a glass of Marilla’s Raspberry Cordial for her best friend and one for herself. “It’s positively the best thing I’ve ever tasted.” Diana (aka Miss Kitty) was not terribly enthralled with the cordial as Addie. It was sweet smelling, not at all like the tasty vittles she’d been expecting. Still maybe just a few sips, and a few sips after that.

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