Hide and Seek Nursery Art Prints, Wall Art for Kids

Hand drawn Kids Room Art and adventures in Hide & Seek


“84, 85, 86…Remember, Clementine, there’s no hiding in the sunflower field!” Addie hollered from behind her tree. “I don’t want my new shoes to get muddy…87, 88…”

“I’m not,” Clementine called back. “Everyone knows sunflower fields are where grounded pixies go to sulk. I would never go in there without my olive oil and lemon verbena blend. I’m worried enough about the sprites that like to hide in the base of trees.”

“Sprites!” said Bunny, her nose twitching nervously. “Oh, dear. They sound scary! Do you think we’re safe?”

“Don’t pay any attention to my cousin, Bunny,” said Addie. “She’s just trying to rattle us with another one of her spooky stories. There are no pixies in the sunflower field, and now we know Clementine isn’t in there, either.” Addie felt Bunny’s ear twitching furiously against her calves. “And there are no sprites in the base of the trees, either,” she added.

Bunny wasn’t so sure, but Addie was always right and knows a lot about a lot of things. She must know about pixies and sprites, too. “91, 92…Don’t hide too far away,” called Addie again. “Remember my new shoes! And no more…93, 94, 95…spooky stories!”

“Addie!” Clementine exclaimed from behind her tree. “You are my favorite cousin, but you sure are bossy.” “I’m not bossy! 96, 97, 98, 99…I just have great leadership skills. 100! Ready or not, here we come!”

Bunny tugged on Addie’s skirt and pointed when she looked down. “Um, Addie, if there are no Sprites in the trees…then what is that over there?”

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