Chronicles of Narnia Inspired – Nursery Wall Art – Art Prints

Magical Items, A Visit from Santa, and a Quest


A Story Starter Nursery art print inspired in part by The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  For Addie and George, playtime is just another way for this sister-brother duo to lose themselves in their favorite books. Our charming hand drawn art prints capture the bookworms at play. With the addition of our Story Starter Journal, you and your little one can explore vast worlds of the imagination and created your own tales to bond over.

Princess Amelia admired Prince Thomas’s gift from Saint Nicholas, a magical sword that could not be broken, so long as the bearer remained true of heart. Prince Thomas was the bravest prince she knew, and couldn’t imagine any one more deserving.

“And for you, Princess Amelia, I give you the gift of…”

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