“The Buddy Bench”

In Which Addie Makes a New Friend



Nursery wall decor and art prints for kids to inspire storytelling and imaginative play.
Addie saw the new girl sitting alone on The Buddy Bench and knew just what to do. She grabbed a wildflower and skipped over to present it. “Hi! I’m Addie!”

“Hi, I’m Esther Mae!” She replied with a quiet smile.

“Would you like to come with? I was just about to ride the swings to Flutterby Thicket- the Queen of the Realm needs our help.”

Esther Mae’s smile grew and lit up her whole face. “I would love to!”

Addie held out her hand and the two began their magical journey. The Queen’s situation was dire! As it turns out the Prince had disappeared and it was up to Addie and Esther Mae to rescue him!

Printed on 8×10. Comes with the Story Starter to finish this magical tale of Addie and her new friends as they embark on an exciting adventure.

Ready to ship in 7-10 days.

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