George, Seamus, A Princess and a Dragon- Baby Nursery Art

Hand drawn nursery wall decor , In which George & Seamus battle a ferocious dragon to save the process


Nursery wall decor and art prints for kids to inspire storytelling and imaginative play. George brandished his sword and put a hand on Seamus’s shoulder. “We can do this.” He said, excitement brimming in his eyes. “Take the other knights and sneak behind the tree, and I’ll provide a distraction from the front. We have to rescue the princess before she gets eaten.” “And before this tree gets REALLY uncomfortable.” The Princess called from her branch. “You got it!” Seamus unsheathed his sword and tiptoed around to the back of the tree. George snuck forward through the woods to where the dragon awaited him. “Watch out for the poppies…they’ll put you to sleep!” The Princess whispered. Though it was really that Mom might get a little annoyed if they got trampled, even if princess rescuing was a good excuse. “Princesses should be quiet while getting rescued.” He whispered back. Addie was a great big sister, but man she sure did talk a lot. Miss Kitty, meanwhile, struggled with sitting still. The costume was, at best, a little snug and it really was time for a nap. But Addie has promised some extra treats, so she sat and did her best to look ferocious.

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