Crowns & Knight Paper Masks

In which YOU are the hero, off to save the day!


A Princess, A Prince, a Knight of the Round table? Your child can be anything he or she would like- but to help her get started, your order will include a printed special story that relates to your masks.

Your Royal Mask kit will include:

  • 2 card stock copies of each mask (6 pieces total)
  • a printed play prompt card,
  • a PDF a download so that you can print more of each at any time
  • and if you select it from the options below, a ribbon wand for enhanced play.

You will need a pair of sharp scissors and an x-acto knife to cut out your masks.

Crowns and Masks are for personal use only, and are copyright Addie and George. Under no circumstances can they can duplicated for commercial use either in digital or paper form.