Reading Adventures – Kids Room Art

Nursery Poster 8x10


Mr. Horse whinnied. This book was getting intense. Ace snuggled up next to George’s side. “And then, as the dragon reared up, it’s three heads breathing fire in all directions, the knight threw his sword toward the heart of the dragon. It was his last, best chance at defeating the monster that had terrorized the Five Kingdoms. The dragon screamed with pain, its heads thrashing back and forth. It gave one final burst of fire and then collapsed to its side.”
“Whoa!” Mr. Horse. “I thought that knight was a goner.”
“Me too!” said Ace. “I can’t believe other Knights left him alone to defeat Marrketh. I could never leave a friend behind!” Ace put his head down on George’s arm. George took a deep breath. “That was pretty crazy. Let’s see what happens next!”…

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