Story Starters for Kids- “Once Upon A Time” Journal

Write your own amazing stories with our unique Story Prompts!


“Once upon a time, there was a brave puppy who was playing hide and seek when a terrible crash echoed through the forest. Poppy froze in his tracks. Was it the evil dragon? He rushed from his hiding spot, paws crushing leaves and twigs, to find his Princess. A scream came from his right, and his heart leapt in fear. Poppy ran faster than he ever had before…”

Designed to work with (or without our) Story Starter Art Prints, our “Once Upon a Time” Story Starter journals for kids make the perfect gift for budding young storytellers. Or, you and your little one can write a story together on a chilly winter afternoon. Maybe you'll write 4900 of them- that's right, there are over 4900 possible story combinations.

How it works: Inside the cover there are 17 adjectives, 17 character types and 17 settings- the writer can pick and choose one from each category, or combine to get even more unique story prompts!

Buy with a print and use the journal to tell your own Addie & George stories- and your little can be the Hero that saves the day! The covers and list of starters are printed on super-durable heavy cardstock and inside are 50 sheets (100 pages!)  for you to tell your stories, draw pictures and get all kinds of creative.

Journals are spiral bound 5.5×8.5- easy for toting around to write whenever the inspiration strikes.

Each journal comes with a sticker sheet, pencil and gift box.

Ideal for ages 4-12, though younger children may need help from an adult to write or read the prompts.