Storybook Twist Kit for Kids, Gifts for Young Writers, Writing Kit

7 Mini Prints and 10 Plot Twists


A truly one-of-kind gift for your young writer. Each Storybook Twist Kit contains seven mini prints (printed on the same beautiful hi-quality stock as our larger prints), a cliffhanger short-story on the back featuring Addie, George and their friends (that nearly fills the back each card) and 10 unique plot twists for a truly imaginative experience. Take turns telling your stories out loud, write them down, draw new pictures- there are no limits to your imagination! Cards come in a keepsake tin for easy storage.

Use your kit when:
1) Traveling- everyone can join in and tell part of the story
2) while waiting at the doctor's office
3) shopping at Target, because that always takes longer than you think it will 😉

Ships via priority mail with tracking so you'll know when your kit will arrive!