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Outdoor Adventures Kids Wall Art


“Not so high!” exclaimed Bunny as he snuggled in closely to Addie’s side.

Addie giggled. “We’ve barely begun to swing, silly Bunny!” Addie swung her legs back and forth and tipped herself back. She was flying with the clouds overhead, on her way to save her twin sister Princess Malia who’d been captured by an evil enchantress. When she grew closer to the enchantress’s home she leapt from the swing and readied herself for adventure.

“Allright, my brave Bunny! Ready your magic wand, we’re going to rescue Malia and rid our kingdom of this evil witch. She’s no match for our powers!”

Miss Kitty rolled her eyes with a smattering of disdain, but thought she was rather glad it was not her on the swing. Heights, she liked. The back and forth, not so much. Poor Bunny, but Bunny was better at princess saving than she was.

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