Unique Gifts for Kids

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Welcome to the world of the out-of-doors and the imagination! Designed to foster play and creativity in young children, our (mostly) unique outdoor Adventurer’s Kits for kids provide hours of entertainment and imaginative play.  Our exclusive Adventurer’s Cards have Addie and Ace the Beagle guiding your littles in fun outdoor activities ranging from the simple things to do like Let’s Run! (Watch out for the Dragon!) to a more advanced Story-Starter card (with 512 unique story-starter combinations), there will be something for your kiddo to do to fend off the “I’m boreds”.

New to the shop- Immersive Story Kits. Your child will dress up and find themselves immersed in a unique story book world created and running on just their imaginations. They can befriend a dear, help a sick Sprite Queen, defeat and evil witch and so much more!

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